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Enhancing Spaces with Plants: The Role of Planters

Various facilities and establishments utilise plants to amplify the innate allure of their locations. These living elements instil a natural sensation into built environments, enhancing the ambiance, and presenting a welcoming image to all. To truly shine, these plants require complementary planters that are equally attractive and suited to the décor and space.

Cane Basket

The Rustic Appeal

Natural cane basket planters add a rustic charm. Easy and convenient, they can store plants and seamlessly blend with any decor.


The Modern Traditionalist

Ceramalite round planters, available in black and white, amalgamate modern design with the timeless charm of ceramic pots. Leak-proof and impact-resistant, they’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Ceramalite Cone

The Space Saver

The Ceramalite Cone planters require minimal space and are perfect for floor-standing setups. These help you maintain a connection with nature without encroaching on your workspace.

Glow Planters

The Illuminated Beauty

Made of durable polyethylene, Glow Planters house energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. They illuminate your plants, providing a unique lighting alternative and adding a hint of colour to your space.

Roman Square – Terracotta

The Classic Indoor Companion

Roman Square – Terracotta planters are designed for indoor use. Lightweight, durable, and freestanding, they make for perfect decorative plant companions.

Roman Trough

The Outdoor Divider

Available in black and terracotta, Roman Trough planters traditionally segment outdoor spaces. They add a touch of historical elegance to your space, enhancing its visual appeal.

Slimline Trough

The Minimalist

Slimline Trough planters, available in white, lend a classical look to your space. They’re an elegant and understated option for those who want to subtly enhance the beauty of their area.

Traditional Vases

The Conventional Charmer

Our black and brown Traditional Vases are best suited to those preferring conventional planters. They enhance the atmosphere with their natural, earthy look.

The correct choice of planter can significantly impact the aesthetics of your space. Choose a planter that complements your plants, décor, and personal style, and watch your space transform into a verdant sanctuary. Whichever one you pick, Lease-a-Leaf is the way to go!