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Outdoor Plant Hire – Greenery in a Shopping Mall

Outdoor plant hire can help in adding a character to the shopping mall and create an atmosphere that shoppers enjoy. The design arrangement can include several different coloured and textured grasses, flowers and natural oak trees. Along with the beauty and elegance, studies have shown that shopping malls featuring outdoor plants have greater sales compared to malls without any foliage.

Shoppers also sense a greater sense of warmth, comfort and safety with outdoor plant hire in a shopping centre. The addition of outdoor plant hire makes shopping centres more appealing to potential buyers. Plants also portray a certain level of quality of business which leads customers to spend more.

Outdoor plant hire also helps in reducing the noise levels which is very important for shopping malls that can become quite noisy during busy hours. Many customers may avoid malls due to the noise and crowd which is why outdoor plant hire can make their shopping experience better with their presence.

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Office Plants – Beautiful Plants for the Reception Area

The reception area of your office has the potential to inspire your staff and impress your customers almost daily. Office plants can make a huge difference to the reception decor. However, it is important to choose plants that suits the available light and temperature so that they can thrive well with good maintenance.

Slow growing office plants and dwarf plants are generally preferred for reception desks, bookshelves, conference room tables etc. Bromeliads are widely known for their beautiful inflorescence and stunning foliage. These office plants survive well under artificial light.

Succulents and cacti make great table top office plants since they add a unique style to the decor. Orchids add sophistication and elegance to any interior. Moth Orchids are easy to maintain and available in a wide range of colours. Peace lilies are popular office plants known for their ability to improve the quality of indoor air.

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Office Plants – Best For Low Light And Low Maintenance

For many across the globe, office is like a second home. Spending eight or more hours can seem like a drag which is where office plants come handy to add life and décor. Indoor office plants are the best way to improve productivity by keeping your employees healthy and motivated.

There are several species of office plants which can thrive under low light conditions and demand minimal maintenance making them best fit for offices. Each of these office plants would be a great addition to the office space whether it’s a cubicle or, a conference room.

Some of the best known office plants include the Spider plant, Snake plant, Cactus, Bamboo Palm, Gerber Daisy, Lemon Balm, Aloe Plant, and the Pothos. Pothos is perfect for shelves and file cabinets. Their lush green look is pleasing to the eye and they require almost no sunlight to grow. The Aloe plant purifies the air and along with its lush green appearance, it adds an aesthetic value to your office space. 

North Sydney Plant Hire – Use Of Desk Plants In Offices

The benefits of having desk plants in the workplace seems quite obvious. There are research reports which further strengthen the claims of health and productivity benefits associated with North Sydney plant hire. Desk plants play a crucial role in creating a healthy and happy workplace.

North Sydney plant hire  can offer desk plants which improve the air quality in the workplace by removing volatile organic compounds. These VOCs usually come from plastic material in furniture, computers, printers and other fittings. VOCs are known to cause headaches, eye, nose and throat problems and loss of concentration. These are usually referred to as Sick Building Syndrome.

Desk plants have shown to have direct impact on workers with regards to reduced stress levels, increased comfort, reduced noise pollution, improved productivity and improved air quality. North Sydney plant hire can offer desk plants which can thrive well under limited lighting and minimal maintenance.

Office Plants – Always in Vogue for home and office

Office plants may be just a fashion statement to begin with, however once you let them into your lives, the relationship is forever. Over the past few years, office plants have been extremely popular and in great demand. Interior magazines and blogs have been featuring beautifully shot office plants.

Commercial establishments understand the importance of office plants and everyone wants to explore new style and arrangement of office plants to ensure a modern style and look. An interior landscaping consultant is always involved whenever the blueprint of a new office or commercial building is drawn.

Living walls appearing in the entrance and other essential office plants can play a huge role in creating a great impression in front of visitors and clients. The visual impact of office plants cannot be denied. With plant schemes and containers available to suit almost all tastes and space, a bit of greenery can add life and style to any space.

Sydney indoor plant hire – Gracing the decor with houseplants

To make the most out of Sydney indoor plant hire, there are certain simple rules like matching your plants with the decor and lifestyle. There are few simple tips which can help in decorating the interior with houseplants. The right plant must be placed at the right place. Even if you love a plant, you would still need to evaluate the growing conditions available before setting up in any room.

Depending on the lighting available, there are different varieties of indoor plants available as part of Sydney indoor plant hire. Plants always look better when they are grouped. Sydney indoor plant hire groups identical plants for a lush and contemporary feel.

Depending on the decor, one can either use tropical plants or, desert plants. Use interesting containers because they play an important role in complementing the decor. One can look for inspiration in magazines, websites or, other homes to see what designs are currently trending and make use of similar when they plan for Sydney indoor plant hire.

Office Plants – Use vertical wall garden for Partitions

Office plants are revolutionising the way people plan office spaces these days. Gone are the days when employees used to feel trapped in white cubicles with white ceilings and grey carpets. One can use a green wall instead to create privacy partitions. The phenomenal benefits associated with office plants is driving organisational change.

The dull partition walls can be replaced with lush green walls of beautiful and beneficial plants. One would need to seek professional help while choosing the best office plants for the vertical garden which can grow with minimal care and maintenance.

By increasing the number of plants one can achieve a dense privacy screen along with a fresh feeling. Vines are great office plants which can adapt easily to indoor office environments. The malleable nature of vines allow them to be placed in any space. They can grow great length hence one doesn’t need to invest in a large number of pots.

Office Plants – Care and Maintenance during winter

During the winter months, it becomes more challenging to provide care and maintenance to office plants. However there are certain easy tips to ensure the best care and maintenance for your office plants during winter. Ensure that your office plants get enough light for which you may need to move the plants near to windows.

During the winter, office plants don’t get enough water which can dry them out. It’s always recommended to ensure that water runs right through the soil and out the bottom for best growing conditions. Depending on the type of plant, one may need to consider pruning and repotting of office plants to ensure they grow well during the winter.

During the winter months lack of sunlight, increased humidity and increased heat from the heaters can lead to pests. It is important to be watchful so that you can take necessary steps to eliminate pests from your office plants and keep them healthy.

Office Plants – Low maintenance indoor plants

It can be very difficult to work in a depressing cubicle while summer is in full swing outside your office. However, there are several low maintenance office plants which can thrive well under difficult office conditions, enliven the space and also purify the air.

In addition to the exotic colours, office plants also provide important health benefits. There are certain varieties of indoor office plants which purify the air by removing volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Office plants which can thrive in low light, dusty conditions with minimal need to water are the most desirable low maintenance indoor plants for any office.

Spider plant sports vibrant green and white stripes and looks great in a hanging pot. Snake plant is another tough indoor office plant which can survive in almost any environment even if one forgets to water it for few days. Pothos are easy to maintain and can survive easily in low light conditions.

Outdoor Plant Hire – Care and Maintenance for Phoenix Roebelenii

Phoenix Roebelenii is usually referred as the miniature date palm which is known for its slow growth, small stature, easy care and a graceful crown. It is an excellent choice for outdoor plant hire and home landscapes with limited space. Phoenix Roebelenii can thrive effortlessly both indoors and outdoors. With a bit of care and maintenance your Phoenix Roebelenii will continue to please you for years to come. The Roebelenii palm isn’t frost resistant and will only grow in warm and humid environment. Lease-A-Leaf is committed to provide excellent outdoor plant hire services which guarantees the best foliage and longevity.

As part of outdoor plant hire, proper care and maintenance is required for the Phoenix Roebelenii. Outdoor plant hire should be taken care of by professionals because the date palm has sharp needle-like spines arranged near the base of the leaf stem which means one should be really careful while taking care of Phoenix Roebelenii.

  • The miniature date palm does best when kept in filtered light, but will also thrive in full sunlight.
  •  Phoenix Roebelenii prefer well drained soil. Best for outdoor plant hire, these plants are versatile and can grow indoors, as an outdoor potted tree or in your lawn.
  •  Pygmy date palms are resilient, but not entirely saltwater tolerant. You need to increase watering during their active growth period and reduce watering in the winter time. Water your outdoor palms two to three times per week when the soil is slightly dry.
  •  Liquid palm tree fertilizer once every two weeks during the active growth period can ensure proper growth.
  •  The palm should be transferred to a new larger pot as part of the outdoor plant hire services every few years. Use a soil based potting mixture.

Phoenix Roebelenii is extremely popular for outdoor plant hire because it excels in all kinds of containers. Not only does it look extremely beautiful but also provides added benefits like removing harmful gases and solvents from the air.