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Plant Rental – The Right Care and Maintenance

For a fully-fledged business, the next goal is to enhance the way in which the efficiency of the company can grow. The best option to achieve higher productivity is through professional plant rental of decorative plants. Plant rental companies have been catering to the needs of many companies over the years.

With a professional team and the right tools under their command, the plant rental company can ensure highly effective indoor plant rentals. The staff can offer regular care and maintenance which ensures that the indoor plants get the best environment to grow. There are various benefits associated with plant rental apart from aesthetics.
Always look for a plant rental company which can provide their services in your vicinity. It is also recommended to check for the quality, price, experience and reputation of the plant rental company before doing any business with them. They all help you in making an informed decision based on your personal preferences and budget.

Plant Rental – Easy & Hassle Free Maintenance

Plant rental companies offer hiring services which also includes an easy and hassle free maintenance. Since they come with an experience and expertise in plant care and maintenance, they ensure that the indoor plants stay healthy and beautiful. There are different packages available for plant rental based on your commercial needs, budget and available space.

There are plant rental options where maintenance of existing plants is offered, or, rental and maintenance of plants and planters or, purchase and maintenance of plants and planters. The design consultants reach out to discuss requirements and also offer the most suitable option based on your requirement.

During plant rental, one can either choose between standard ready-made planters or, spend more and enjoy bespoke planters which are designed to suit your office decor. In the maintenance program, foliage cleaning, pruning, shaping the leaves and planter cleaning is included. During the plant rental period, in case the plant dies or, doesn’t grow properly, then an appropriate replacement is offered promptly by the plant rental company.

Plant Rental Sydney: Best Solution To Get Plants For Your Office Space

Finally, after the last unit of office equipment has been uploaded to your new office space, there’s still something missing. Yes, you wanted a working environment that will not only promote productivity but, also envision it to be full of life. Decorating your office space with indoor plants would definitely bring life to every corner. The next concern could be where to get these plants. Well, have you ever heard of the plant rental Sydney? If not yet, let me give you a quick introduction to what they do and what to expect from them upon availing their services.

What is a Plant Rental Sydney Provider?

A plant rental Sydney provider like the reputable Lease-A-Leaf company has been providing commercial spaces, offices including venues with top quality indoor and outdoor plants. Their mission is to cater to the specific plant for hire needs of a business, company or event when it comes to plant ornaments that will brighten their spaces.

Advantages of Renting Plants

Renting plants both for your indoor and outdoor needs offer many advantages and mostly include the following:

  • Professional advice

Yes, this is one of the biggest advantages of availing the services of plant rental Sydney provider because they have a team of expert ready to listen and give professional advice on your office or event plants requirement. For example, if you want the plants for hire to match the theme of your office space, one of their experts will assess your office space set-up and come up with a list of suitable plants.

  • Fully equipped with the right tools and equipment

A dependable plant for hire provider is fully equipped with the right tools and equipment needed for the loading and unloading of plants. In fact, if you want to hire the popular lady palm, a type of indoor plant and want to put one in each corner of your office space this goal is easily achievable. How? The plant hire provider can easily dispose of a team to load and unload a huge number of potted lady palms without any struggle.

  • Plant Care and Maintenance is Left Under Their Supervision

Among the advantages of renting plants regardless you need indoor plants like lady palm or outdoor plants the plant rental Sydney provider to whom you contracted this need will directly supervise the care and maintenance of these rented plants. This is indeed less hassle on your end as you can carry on with your business’ operation without having to worry about the condition of these rented plants. Aside from that, you have the privilege to enjoy healthy plants because the plant for hire services will check regularly their conditions including plants needing replacement.

Why Choose a Lady Palm as an Indoor Plant Decoration?

The lady palm belongs to the species of fan palm plans and originated from plant cultivators in China. One of the reasons why they are highly recommended as indoor plants because they are easy to care and maintain. Aside from that, they help any space clear the air from harmful toxins because they process carbon dioxide and release quality air in the surroundings.

For a wide selection of plant for hire both for indoor and outdoor contact Lease-A-Leaf, a leading plant rental Sydney provider and let their representative determine the types of plants that would be perfect for your office space.

Express plant hire – Use of Feng Shui plants

Express plant hire can make use of Feng shui plants to activate positive energy in home and office while they also purify the air. Many still feel that Lucky Bamboo is the only feng shui indoor houseplant, however the truth is that there are many choices available which can fit your decor.

In case the lighting is limited to grow healthy plants one can use silk plants as an acceptable Feng Shui alternative to living plants. There are four different ways to use plants in Feng Shui as part of express plant hire. These include counteracting negative energy, Balancing the water element, connecting with the outside world and raising a low ceiling.

Other friendly Feng Shui plants which can be used as part of Express plant hire includes Philodendron, Peace Lily, Ficus, Rubber plant, English Ivy, Spider plant, Boston Fern, and African violet.

Hedge Plants – Myriad Varieties of Evergreen Hedges

Hedge Plants fulfil several purposes in a home landscape. They define boundaries, provide privacy and divide areas of your property, with the added benefit of a colourful foliage, that you don’t get with traditional wooden fences. The hedge plants need to be maintained well for a beautiful look and hence require occasional trimming to precise sizes and shapes. Although providing security is an important function of the hedge plants, they are also used to create privacy screens or windbreaks. Lease-A-Leaf is committed to provide high quality hedge plants and screen plants like Japanese Buxus, Murraya, Viburnum and Lilly Pilly plants. With and experienced team, we offer our valued customers, quality products with value and impeccable service.
Evergreen shrubs are most popular as hedge plants because of their dense growth and persistent foliage which means that your hedge lasts throughout the year. Evergreen hedge plants can be trimmed and pruned to achieve the specific function you are looking for in your hedge. Lets know more about the various types of Evergreen hedge plants.

  •  Broadleaf Evergreen Hedge Plants are popular because they produce a thick wall of foliage ideal for hedges. Common varieties are hollies, boxwoods and azaleas. They are easy to maintain and need nothing more than an annual pruning.
  •  Narrow leaf Evergreen Hedge Plants have needle like leaves which requires regular pruning to maintain their presence as hedges. They include cedar, yew, pine and spruce. They need regular pruning to promote dense growth and to maintain an attractive shape.
  •  Formal Hedge plants need rigorous pruning to maintain sharp angles and appropriate size. Maintenance can be bit tedious but they are excellent as hedges and creates a beautiful backdrop for ornamental plants in your landscape.
  •  Informal Hedges are created with evergreen hedge plants to develop naturally with minimal pruning. Easier to grow, these hedge plants provide a natural border in your landscape. The best time to prune the informal hedges would be early spring.

Evergreen hedge plants are extremely popular because they maintain their green foliage throughout the year and serves well for both decorative and security purposes.

Plant Hire – Refurbish and Redesign your Interiors

Interior redesign with plant hire creates a positive and vibrant atmosphere which makes the house look beautiful and makes it look warm, inviting and cosy. Warm interior decorating colours, simple and quick interior redesign and home staging techniques help refresh rooms and save money. Yes, we can also redesign the interiors by changing the decor and furniture, but isn’t that an expensive alternative ? Rather, plant hire will not only guarantee a natural look and feel, but also provide added advantages like better health, elegance and air purifying characteristics. Continue reading Plant Hire – Refurbish and Redesign your Interiors

Plant rental – Easy and Hassle free plant hire services

Choosing plants for home decor, office and events can get extremely tricky and this is where Plant rental proves its importance. With plant rental services, you don’t need to bother about the type of plants, their installation, care and maintenance. Also, you can get customized services tailored to suit your requirements. One of the chief reasons behind the success of plant rental business lies in its simplicity. Also, for events or occasions, plant rental proves to be the most economical, viable and convenient solution for a temporary look that suits the party. Continue reading Plant rental – Easy and Hassle free plant hire services

Outdoor Plant Hire – The Complete Range for Plant Rental

Outdoor Plant Hire lend credibility to the quality of a business environment. Healthy, lush, properly cared for outdoor plant hire increase productivity, decrease stress, and provides fresh air all contributing to a healthier work environment. Lease-A-Leaf provides guaranteed maintenance of quality plant products. We are committed to provide exquisite outdoor plant hire along with immaculate customer service. The complete range of Indoor and Outdoor Plant Hire is discussed below:

  • Office Desktop Plants: The office desktop plants are in huge demand among employees because these plants are suited for reception and cubicles. These plants provide both your employees and visitors with an inviting workspace and an improved sense of wellbeing. Other shapes, colours and containers are available to create different styles of desktop plants.
  • Topiary Trees: The architectural nature of topiary trees adds a touch of style and elegance to outdoor environments, particularly entrance ways. These type of Outdoor Plant Hire creates an environment which promises a little luxury and indulgence. This type of outdoor plant hire provides an elegant look. Topiaries can also be decorated with fairy lights to add some sparkle to your wedding or special function.
  •  Planter Boxes: Planter Boxes are great for defining areas indoors and out. These planter boxes are ideal plants for creating an attractive barrier and providing privacy. Planter Boxes filled with hedged types of plants such as Buxus, Murraya and Ficus are popularly used to design friendly alfresco dining areas for restaurants, clubs and hotels. These type of outdoor plant hire can mingle easily with any milieu.
  •  Free standing Plants: Freestanding indoor plants can create a warm & inviting setting and great for partitioning areas. They can also be effectively used to provide privacy, reduce noise and guide traffic flow.

Lease-A-Leaf can fill empty corners, create dimension and transform blank walls and unused areas into attractive features with plants. We will design your indoor landscape to work both functionally and aesthetically. And best of all, we provide care and maintenance to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

Plant Rental Sydney – Pots to Hire for Indoor Plants

If you want to paint your house green, there is none other than indoor plants, that can do the job better. Be practical and incorporate your personal style by combining sturdy pots and decorative pots to use for indoor plants. Lease-A-Leaf has a long history of providing superior quality interior plants and expert exterior maintenance service. Whatever your personality, demonstrate it through your choice of plant containers. You can select from our comprehensive range of containers including fibreglass, cotta pot, ceramic, spun aluminium and sandstone. We hold a wide range of decorative containers in both classic and the latest stylish shapes, sizes and colours.

Each type of plant adds its own special touch and our decorating experience will assure proper placement for maximum effect. Once you have decided upon the types of Indoor Plants, you can choose the kind of containers, some of which come in materials like terra-cotta, ceramic, plastic and wood. Let’s discuss some of the most common types of pots hired for Indoor Plants through Plant Rental Sydney.

  •  Terra-Cotta Pots: This type of pots create a rustic appearance and readily available in various shape, size and colour. The material is porous, meaning the water soaks into the material and allows the plant roots to receive the necessary air for growth.
  •  Ceramic Pots: Ceramic pots come in colourful and intricate designs. Choose plants that do not need a lot of watering to plant in ceramic pots, as drainage facilities aren’t great in such type of pots.
  •  Plastic Pots: Generally inexpensive and light-weighted, this type of pots are easy to use and portable. Variety of designs are available from Plant Rental Sydney, where you can choose from a wide range of shape and colour. Easy to clean and maintain.

Lease-a-Leaf is a leader in providing plant sales, maintenance, rental, and information about the care and use of interior plants, trees, and flowers.

Plant Rental Services – Value for Money

Plants have proven to be important life supporters in that they remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Plant Rental Services play an integral part to every interior. By adding plants to your home or business, you can help clean many harmful toxins found in your indoor environment. Lease-A-Leaf specializes in the hire of live plants to your office, home or event to create an innovative, attractive environment.

If you have a grand party in your house or backyard, you can hire Plant rental services and grace the occasion with a touch of nature. People hosting theme parties would also want to hire plants when the theme is based on natural themes. The cost of the plant rental is very less as compared to the overall cost of the plant. Short term rental plants are always a better option for short term decorative purposes. These days, offices are giving a lot of stress on landscape designing so that they can enhance the views of their office interiors.

Some well-placed greenery can not only brighten a space but also purify the air and they’re also helpful in creating a more relaxing, restful ambiance in any room. At, Lease-A-Leaf we aim to employ highly skilled staff who communicate well. Our staff care about how the plants look in our customers’ premises. They are trained in how to best care for plants and they know what plants suit different environments. Plant Rental services from Lease-A-Leaf can provide the perfect backdrop for any occasion. Short-term plant rental plans are available to fit any budget or occasion throughout Sydney. We have an extensive range of stunning plants for indoor plant hire Sydney, the expertise to achieve desired plants capes, and the experience to maintain displays beautifully. In short, Plant hire services are complete value for money.