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Desktop Planters

Ideal for the commercial business environment, our desktop planters enhance the décor of your facility. Desktop planters provide space effective means to beautify your desk, workstation, shelves or credenza. Have you ever walked into the reception of an office and felt something was missing on the reception desk? It may have had several types of ornate figurines and embellishments on it. Yet, something would have seemed unnatural about it.

A desktop planter enhances your indoor environment. In its own natural and elegant way, it also adds style to the ambience of your facility and presents yourself as a lover of nature and plants to all your visitors and clients.

Types of desktop planters we provide include:

Bondi Cube

Available in white, the Bondi Cube desktop planter complements the colours of various articles on your desktop.

Table Ceramic

Small and lightweight, these planters enhance the look of a commonplace surrounding with the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Table Cone

Available in silver, the Table Cone represents miniaturised versions of the traditional cone planters. The muted colour provides balance to the settings that surround it.

Table Wedge

Available in black, the Table Wedge provides a touch of creativity to those who like their planters in uncommon shapes.

Hibachi Ceramic

Hibachi refers to a traditional Japanese heating device. It comprised a round, open-topped container. Originally used for holding burning charcoal, we have transformed them into perfect planters for your desktops.

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