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Indoor Plant Hire

Floor Plants

Revitalize Your Office with Office Plants

Transforming office spaces with greenery has been a rising trend, and for good reason. Plants such as Zamioculas ZamiifoliaGolden Cane PalmRhapis Palm, and Lady Palm bring life, colour, and a touch of nature to otherwise mundane environments. However, nurturing these plants requires attention and care, which not all business owners can afford to provide.

Benefits of Plant Hire Services

Hassle-Free Maintenance

With plant hire services, upkeep isn’t your concern. Professionals handle the watering, pruning, and health of the plants.

Expert Consultation

Unsure about which plant suits your office’s lighting and layout? Horticulturists and plant consultants offer guidance, ensuring that you select plants best suited for your environment.

Aesthetically Pleasing Arrangements

Beyond just providing plants, these services help design spaces, bringing cohesiveness and vibrancy to your interiors.

Understanding Plant Light Requirements

Plants generally fall into three categories based on their light needs

It’s essential to match these needs with your office’s natural lighting to ensure the plant’s health. Plant hire services eliminate the guesswork, matching you with the perfect green companion.

Low Light Plants

Medium Light Plants

High Light Plants

Maximizing Floor Plants in Office Design

A bare office corner or an unadorned wall can benefit greatly from a strategically placed floor plant. These tall green companions don’t just fill space; they elevate the aesthetics and bring a sense of calm.

Crafting the Perfect Green Space

Plant hire services play a crucial role as partners in transforming workspaces into areas of harmony and beauty. They take into account your office’s specific style, layout, and lighting to carefully select plants that naturally enhance the space, ensuring it remains both practical and aesthetically pleasing.