Round Planters

For people who like their planters round, we have a hard-to-beat variety of round planters. Made with different high quality materials, our round planters do not wear or fade. They are also economically friendly and come with clean, modern and easily matchable finishes. We have one round planter that will appeal to the aesthetic and the nature lover in you.

Types of round planters we provide include:

  • Ceramalite: Available in black and white, the Ceramalite round planter complements modern technology with the timeless appeal of ceramic pots. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Ceramalite planters are leak-proof and impact-resistant. The diverse colour range helps you find a Ceramalite planter that best matches your needs.
  • Ceramalite Cone: Perfect for floor standing planters, Ceramalite Cone planters will not exhaust any space on your desk or workstation. Colour varieties include black, silver and white.
  • CO Polymer: Available in black, these planters complement the effect of an exterior display or even tropical plants. Moulded from high performance polymers, these planters are lightweight and extremely durable.
  • Delta: Available in red and black, the Delta planters highlight your unconventional approach to situations in life. These planters begin with a circular base before turning into ellipsoidal triangles at the top. Perfect for indoor and outdoor environments. Delta planters appeal to those who prefer new and modern design.
  • Pebble: For those who like to blend their love for nature with artistry, pebble planters could be an ideal match. These smooth and rounded surfaced planters provide natural elegance. Their unique shapes will utilise your space effectively.