Square Planters

Square planters look great individually, even better when part of a set. These planters provide perfect symmetry with your indoor and outdoor settings. Made from high quality materials, these planters are highly durable. The square shape of the planter appeals to people with traditional or modern taste.  The square design enables these planters to fit easily when you have limited bench space. Square planters are handy choices for effective utilisation of space, conservation of water and are appropriate for indoor or outdoor environment.

If you prefer a more modern atmosphere, wedge planters may be the option best for you. Wedge planters are very light, so you can transport them easily. Being lightweight or durable does not come at the risk of looking cheap or shabby. With a plant inside, the wedge planter is a suitable alternative to bringing a tree indoors, given its taller size. Colours we provide include black, white and silver.

Using wedge planters in clusters, helps cover large areas, and are best utilised in your foyers and showrooms.