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Palm Plants for Your Home or Office

Palm plants are a common sighting in many homes and offices, with big and bright leaves and relatively low maintenance requirements. Most palms such as the Lady Palm or Golden Cane palm grow best during the summer months, so now is a better time than ever to get some palms into your home or office. Palms are a very widely varied category and good Macquarie Park indoor plant hire companies should stock a large range, each with their own unique traits.

One of the most common palm plants and a favorite of many Macquarie Park indoor plant hire customers is the Lady Palm. Also known as the Rhapis Palm, this variety consists of several stems with broad leaves. These plants prefer indirect, moderately bright sunlight and do well in well-lit indoor rooms. They can be anywhere from 1 to 8 feet tall so are quite versatile with their placement. Caring for a Lady Palm is simple, keep the soil consistently moist to allow the best growth.

Another very popular palm plant is the Golden Cane Palm, which is instantly recognizable by its golden stems and gently curved fronds. It is a very versatile plant that is sought after for both indoor and outdoor settings. It prefers high sunlight growing conditions but can thrive in partially shaded areas indoors too. To care for the Golden cane palm, simply keep the soil evenly moist and mist the leaves occasionally.

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Golden Cane Palm – Fabulous Palms with an Exotic charm

Palms have the ability to leave you in wonder with their varied textures, sizes, colours, heights etc. To experience the joy of palms, one doesn’t really need to live in the tropics. The Golden Cane Palm which is also known as Dypsis lutescens is perfect for bringing a tropical ambience into your garden or home.
The bright green stems and the dense foliage is perfect for providing a lush stylish look which is also great for screening. In case you are planning to have Golden cane palm indoors, it is recommended to have them in a large pot and placed in a well-lit location. However, if you are planning to have Golden cane Palm outdoors, you can position them in full or, partial shade and plant them in a well-drained soil.
The Golden cane palm has a slow and steady growth and is usually 3-5ft tall indoors and can even reach 8ft height. They are also known as one of the greatest air purifying plants one can imagine indoors. One only needs to repot them every 3-4 years as they can grow well in the same pot for a good amount of time.

Golden Cane Palm – Popular Drought Hardy Plant

The Golden Cane Palm is a beautiful palm with slender graceful yellowish stems which can grow up to 8m and the foliage nearly to the base. The plant usually prefers humidity with fresh air circulation. The Golden Cane Palm requires a uniformly moist soil and it must never me overwatered.

The Golden Cane Palm is known for its lush and bright green foliage which forms an attractive clump. For pruning, one can remove dead fronds and in lower light positions, the foliage may need to be thinned out to maintain the overall growth of the plant.

The Golden Cane Palm is known to be slow growing where it only adds about 12 inches to its height throughout the growing season. They can be grown in a row to form screens of privacy or, even grown indoors in a pot. The canopy width can reach 20 feet but even then the long narrow trunk will support the upper canopy of fronds.

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5 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Hedge Plants For Outdoor Decor

Hedge plants are among the most popular choices for outdoor decor among businesses of all sizes. Many companies consider them a mark of prestige and the fact that they are always in-season means that they never fail to add a great sense of beauty to your premises. But you don’t need to have expensive rolling gardens of your own to get hedge plants.


You can have them in pots and still benefit from their timeless beauty. Here are some benefits you can get from hedge plants:


5 Ways Hedge Plants Make for Amazing Office Outdoors


Always in Bloom

One of the best things about hedge plants is that they are always in bloom. So, you will never have a time of the year when they are dried out. There are some varieties that can have the seasonal fall. However, you can always have them replaced by a reliable plant rental company.

 Very Economical

Getting plant rentals for your office exteriors and Sydney indoor plants is a very smart choice from an economic perspective. The plants usually have a very nominal maintenance requirement and you can have them swapped out for different ones whenever you choose.

 Contrasting Presence

Some kinds of outdoor plants contrast well with each other and this can lend some character to your overall office decor. For example, contrasting buxus microphylla with golden cane palm is a popular choice for any office owners and commercial complexes.

 Cooling Effect

Another reason why hedge plants are so popular with offices is because of their cooling effect. During hot summer days, they can add a fair bit of coolness to your office. Indeed some offices like to have these plants both indoors and outdoors.

 Plethora of Choices

There are plenty of options for plant rentals in Sydney depending upon your tastes and budget. So, even if hedge plants are not your preferred form of floral decor, you can choose others from various categories. This will also give you a chance to choose what kind of maintenance regimen you want for the plants you rent.


Where Can You Find the Best Hedge Plants in Sydney?

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What Makes Plant Rentals Really Worth the Money? Top 3 Benefits

Renting plants is one of the most economical and beneficial ways you can use to accentuate the natural beauty of your office or home. Plant rental requires minimum investment and maintenance costs, and you have a wide variety of Sydney Indoor Plants to choose from. Also, you can swap for other plant rentals anytime you like.

So, naturally, this is a very good way of getting the right home or office decor going. Now, let us tell you some other major benefits you can get from plant rentals.

3 Awesome Benefits of Plant Rentals for Your Office

1.     You Get Inexpensive Decor

Plants are the easiest way to get a great decor going in your home or office. Whether you have a single cabin rent office or a large glass building, renting plants like Buxus Microphylla and Golden Cane Palm is a great option because it makes space management so much easier. For homeowners, having lush green plants in their home can be a sign of prestige as well as complement to more naturalistic decor styles and tones.

 2.     You Manage Empty Spaces Easily

Empty spaces can really put a dampener on even the most energetic indoor decors. Indeed, it is considered a sign of bad design to leave blank spaces in your interior decor. One of the best ways to fill up these design gaps is to simply use plants. This not only offers a versatile range of options but also allows you to experiment with what works for you. You will find a lot of Sydney indoor plants playing blank space stop-gap in houses and offices.

3.     You Can Change Your Decor Seasonally

Most interior decor is a one-and-done deal, which means once you have that wood panelling installed and the walls painted, your office or home look is going to stay largely the same. Your furniture too is likely to stay the same for years.

This can lead to dullness in your living or working space. Getting plant rentals to work for you is a great way to find a dynamic way to decorate your home or office space. You can even change them seasonally to stay in vogue with the times.

 Where Can You Get the Best Sydney Indoor Plant Rentals?

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The Golden Cane Palm Offers a Great Look To Have In Your Office

Sydney indoor plants are attractive and appealing but some are different from others. The golden cane palm is one particularly attractive option to find for your plant hire needs. You will have to look at how well this type of plant for your office looks and how you can make it stand out in some way.

A Good Design

The golden cane palm is one of the top indoor plants Sydney properties have to work with. This has a series of small palm leaves and sturdy green-toned stems. It is secured amid potting soil among other growth materials. This could add a beautiful look to a tree that adds to something attractive in your office area.

The nice yellowish tone of the golden cane palm is what gives the plant its name. While it is primarily green, it does offer a light and attractive look.

It is also an unarmed palm. This means that it does not have any spikes or other pointed things that might be harmful to anyone to gets in touch with it.

This can get to be around ten meters in height although the container you add this into will keep the size down. This is to allow for some control so an indoor plant like this will be easier to secure in a space.

Tolerates Drought

This great office plant is very easy to display anywhere in your home or office. It is capable of tolerating a drought. Even so, it is best to keep it in a humid spot and to add water to it on occasion. Don’t forget to use some drainage holes at the bottom of the base with a small pan used to collect the water as needed.

Also, watch for its potential size. You need to order a good plant that offers a big size that makes it visible but see that it doesn’t get to be too large. Check the container to see that it won’t take up far too much space where you are.

Look for how well a golden cane palm will look in your office or home. This is ideal to have for how it offers a good look with an outstanding series of points that add to the quality of your work or living space.