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Outdoor Plant Hire – Greenery in a Shopping Mall

Outdoor plant hire can help in adding a character to the shopping mall and create an atmosphere that shoppers enjoy. The design arrangement can include several different coloured and textured grasses, flowers and natural oak trees. Along with the beauty and elegance, studies have shown that shopping malls featuring outdoor plants have greater sales compared to malls without any foliage.

Shoppers also sense a greater sense of warmth, comfort and safety with outdoor plant hire in a shopping centre. The addition of outdoor plant hire makes shopping centres more appealing to potential buyers. Plants also portray a certain level of quality of business which leads customers to spend more.

Outdoor plant hire also helps in reducing the noise levels which is very important for shopping malls that can become quite noisy during busy hours. Many customers may avoid malls due to the noise and crowd which is why outdoor plant hire can make their shopping experience better with their presence.

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Outdoor Plant Hire – Uplift Your Special Event

There are several companies who specialize in offering Outdoor plant hire which can uplift your special event. One can choose their services for personal events like wedding, birthday parties or, business conferences and promotional events. With outdoor plant hire, one can choose the most beautiful species of plants along with stunning containers.

Bay trees are extremely popular for Outdoor plant hire  and they are available as pyramids and come in a wide range of containers. They can be under planted with evergreen or seasonal flowering plants to create an aesthetic décor.

For a tropical theme, one can choose artificial palm trees which can be planted with exotic plants along with a water feature to create the best impression. In case you are planning for a winter wedding or party, outdoor plant hire can include Christmas trees decorated with lots of lights and silver twig displays. All one needs to do is plan the theme and then leave the rest for the professionals.

Outdoor Plant Hire – Stunning Reception Plants

Every business owner understands the importance of the first impressions which is why it is important to create a welcoming reception area for clients and visitors. By making use of outdoor plant hire, one can add lush green to their reception area and inject colour and style into any space.

Outdoor plant hire for the reception area creates a great impression and also tells potential clients that you care about your business environment. Investing in the right plants for outdoor plant hire is important and hence choosing a reliable professional company is important to make the right decisions. The plants must be suited to the office environment so that they don’t fail to thrive or, fail to create the impact you are hoping for.

Outdoor plant hire can help in creating a stunning reception area which not only looks fresh, healthy but also welcoming. Plants have tremendous visual impact as the foliage helps in filling spaces by adding colour and interest to your interior.

Outdoor plant hire – Houseplants that clean the air

Outdoor plant hire plays an extremely important role in improving the decor and aesthetics of any space. Especially during business meetings, special occasions and parties, outdoor plant hire comes handy. However, in general plant hire ensures clean and fresh air.

Indoor air in offices can be stale which is worsened due to modern synthetic materials and temperature regulations. Not only does it contain pollutants but also has reduced humidity levels which can lead to allergic attacks, tickly coughs and headache. This is where outdoor plant hire and in general houseplants can make a difference by getting rid of the toxins and releasing humidity back to the atmosphere.

The top ten plants which are popular for outdoor plant hire includes Bamboo palm, Boston Fern, Kimberley Queen Fern, Areca Palm, Peace Lily, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera Daisy, Dwarf Date Palm, English Ivy and Rubber plant. If you want to take an easy step towards improving your health and well being, choose a houseplant for outdoor plant hire.

Outdoor plant hire – Set up and Maintenance

There are many professional companies who provide a complete service from design and installation to maintenance and replacement of outdoor plants. Keeping any plant arrangement happy and healthy requires regular care and maintenance which one can achieve very easily with outdoor plant hire.

Experts who offer outdoor plant hire pay meticulous attention to every detail throughout the design, set up and maintenance. The first step is always the design phase where one needs to identify the plants which will make the best display based on the available conditions. Next, it involves the choice of planters for the installation and set up which can ensure a great display.

As part of the maintenance plan for outdoor plant hire, it involves watering the plants, polishing, dusting, fertilizing and removing dead leaves and branches. Outdoor plant hire involves anything that is required to keep the plant arrangement in the best condition.

Outdoor Plant Hire – Green and Healthy Living

Taking care and maintenance of plants at home or office can be extremely challenging, however the good news is that there are several companies which provide high quality outdoor plant hire services. Depending on your personal choice and budget, you can choose from the exhaustive list of options.

For office with low light conditions, outdoor plant hire companies generally recommend plants which can survive with minimal light. For business conferences and seminars, outdoor plant hire can provide beautiful floral displays, outdoor plants and beautiful pots to add a theme and character to the occasion.

Outdoor plant hire offers a wide array of choices which include ferns, grass bowls, ficus, canes and many more. The design, shape and colour of the container easily complements the décor and venue. Depending on the décor, outdoor plant hire companies recommend the best plants which suits your budget, requirements and décor.

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Use Plant Hire Services

Office plants do much more than merely serving as some decoration pieces in a workplace. If you have ever invested in quality office plants, you might be already aware of their amazing benefits. If you haven’t had the advantage of plant hire services yet, you should contact a reputable company like Lease-A-Leaf right away. Indoor and outdoor plant hire services offered by reliable specialists in Sydney can transform your office or any event into a more energizing and stimulating place.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should hire plants in Sydney for your office.

1.Infuse New Life Into Your Workplace: These visually appealing office plants can make any boring and bland office a healthier and happier place for all the employees. This will certainly help you attract more customers and retain your existing customers and employees.

2.Eliminate Stress At Work: Most workplaces these days are full of overly stressed employees. This can adversely affect their productivity and the bottom-line of your company. A number of recent studied have confirmed that employees working in offices with green plants have more productivity and less stress than their counterparts.

3.Office Plants Will Keep Your Office Cool and Comfortable: Office plants can help you maximise energy efficiency of your office by keeping the air cool and fresh. Plants do this with transpiration and by absorbing carbon dioxide. So, when you choose Sydney indoor plant hire services, you’ll not only save some significant money, you’ll also contribute towards the environment.

4.Reduce Excessive Noise: Office plants can singlehandedly bring down the noise levels in your workplace. They are great noise absorbers and can make a difference of as much as 5 dB without having to make any extra investment.

5.Boost Your Profits: Office plants can positively impact your profits by reducing staff sick leave. Plants are well known for purifying air by eliminating harmful airborne bacteria and moulds. They can also absorb the harmful chemicals from the air. They take in these toxins through their leaves and transmit them to their roots.

Outdoor Plant hire – Moving household and houseplants

Houseplants can make any house warm, welcoming and alive like never before. So, when you move your house, it’s important that the houseplants move with you. However moving houseplants need special attention which is why it is recommended to seek professional help. With outdoor plant hire services, you can be assured that your plants are safe.

Plants are too fragile and hence with outdoor plant hire extra attention is given to the houseplants when they are moved. Also, outdoor plant hire services offer care and maintenance for the houseplants. It is important that your plants can adjust well to the new home.

Different conditions may also mean a different choice of houseplants which is where outdoor plant hire services come handy because they can recommend the best houseplants based on the available conditions. Difference in soil, climate and air quality will have an effect on the growth of your plant so it is important to ensure proper care and maintenance during the first few weeks in the new home.

Outdoor Plant hire – Plants which make great indoor plants

There are many outdoor plants which can grow well indoors, however it may take some time for them to acclimatise to the low lighting, cold and less humid environment. Begonias are an excellent choice for outdoor plant hire because of their amazing colours, textures and patterns.

Fuchsias are great for outdoor plant hire but they can be brought indoors from frost during winter rest and trimmed to about 6 inches. One can re-pot them with fresh soil and water only when the soil feels dry. Geraniums which have been growing well outdoors can be moved in before frost.

Abutilon is often grown in containers as an annual, however they like warm temperatures and bright light. Caladiums are excellent candidates for outdoor plant hire which can tolerate full shade outdoors while thriving well under indirect light indoors as well. Coleus thrive well under indirect bright light and hence make great indoor plants.

Outdoor Plant Hire – Brilliant ideas with potted plants in a Wedding

Outdoor plant hire with fresh flowers make a stunning floral arrangement, however one can also consider potted plants for wedding occasions. Not only is outdoor plant hire an eco-friendly and great way to celebrate the special day but also adds a dash of style and opulence to the occasion.
Escort cards in the potted plants look beautiful along with using the plants as magnificent centre pieces. Outdoor plant hire can also be used to suspend exotic plants above the escort card table for a beautiful backdrop. A great way to hide the extension cords is to use outdoor plant hire to line the dance floor.
The potted plants can have the table numbers for your guests which makes a great way to welcome your guests and friends. The ceremony entrance door can be beautifully decorated with floral arrangements provided by outdoor plant hire. Bright flowers are bound to add energy and excitement to the entire ambience.