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The Best Summer Plants for Indoor

Summer has arrived and with it comes the heat. This is a tough time for most plant hire as the more intense sunlight and temperature can damage foliage or even kill the plant. However, there are some plants for indoor that thrive in the heat and more direct sunlight. Many high light plants, in particular, are great for summer conditions as their needs can be met even without constant direct exposure.

There are a few plants for indoor which thrive in summer conditions, one of the best being the red aglaonema. This plant can survive in and high light and requires only occasional watering to maintain. Other great indoor summer plants include Oxalis, which is best in medium and low light, and the peace lily which blooms in summer. Another great option of summer plants for indoor and outdoor is cacti, which among other succulents are accustomed to dry and hot conditions.

Regardless of what plant hire you have during the summertime, it is essential to keep them watered regularly. In the summer heat, the soil will dry quicker than usual, so it is important to water outside of the hottest hours. This is even true with plants for indoor conditions when placed in direct sunlight. In most cases, Sydney Water recommends watering after 4 pm or before 10 am to avoid rapid evaporation in the hottest hours of the day. Water evaporating before it can nourish the plants

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5 Reasons to Get Indoor Plants for Your Home or Office

Plants are the most widespread form of life on this planet and also the basis on which all complex life forms are dependent. There are some great benefits from having office plants in your workplace as well.  As humans, we have evolved with plants and yet, we have somehow become separate from them ever since we learned to build brick and concrete walls.

This is where Indoor plants in Sydney can help you fill this gap and reconnect with nature. Some of the most wonderful interior design is based around not just patterns found on plants, but actual plants themselves. Let’s look at a few of the benefits they can offer you:

 Top Benefits of Having Indoor Plants in Sydney


1.     All Natural

The beauty and elegance of nature is effortless, and it can make your residential or commercial space elegant too. Strategically using plants to enhance your interior spaces and populate empty spots is a good idea. It also allows for a great deal of vibrancy or contrast depending upon the specific plants you choose. At the very least, indoor plants in Sydney will help create breaks in the non-organic monotone of your interior spaces.

 2.     Efficient Space Management

Filling out space in your office such that each section looks complete is a difficult task. This is so because you can only have so much furniture without either over stacking the interior or pushing your budget farther than you would like. With office plants, the problem of space allocation and management in terms of design and function gets minimized. This works the same for both businesses as well as homes.

 3.     Seasonal Shifts

Not all office plants which are used indoors are going to be of the green leafy variety. Right from banzai trees to the most brightly coloured seasonal flowers, a variety of Sydney indoor plants may be used depending upon the preferences of the owner or other factors. This means that there would be shifts in the overall ambience and decor of the interior from season to season. Further, the presence of plants helps to regulate the air quality in a better way. This makes for better breathability in all kinds of indoor spaces including offices and homes.


Where Can You Find the Best Indoor Plants for Hire in Sydney?

Investing in plants for your home or office is a good idea. But it is better to get some plant hire before you actually purchase them just to try them out. With Lease a Leaf, you can get all the most popular indoor plant rentals you need at the right price. Visit our Lease a Leaf now to find the right ones for you!


Plant Hire Sydney – Importance of Plant Containers

Plant Hire for offices can improve productivity, creativity and the ambience. Selecting the right container is an important aspect of interior landscaping. The plant containers are available in a wide range of colours, styles, sizes and shapes. Choosing the right plant container is crucial in achieving the best design.

Lot of factors are considered when evaluating plant hire for an office. The plant containers create an aesthetic design that makes the interior space stand out. The right plant containers must be used for plant hire which can add a dash of colour and also benefit the plants.

The right colour and shape of plant container can turn any interior space into something bright and memorable. Plant hire can also consider herbs like basil, mint, rosemary etc. which grows well in plant containers. For low light conditions one can use begonias which are shade loving indoor plants.

For more information on plant hire services, contact us at Lease a Leaf.

Express plant hire – Plant Myths Debunked

Express plant hire is extremely popular for business conferences, events, wedding parties and other special occasions in your private or professional life. It allows one to enjoy the flexibility to choose plants, planters and the interior design based on their preference and budget. However, there are certain common myths around plant hire and it is important to understand the facts.

Myth#1 says that the houseplant is gone for good once the leaves turn yellow. Express plant hire recommends enough watering for the plants and placing them somewhere with adequate light which can get the plant back to its healthy self. Myth#2 says that the only way to get rid of an infestation is through use of pesticides. Express plant hire claims other safe methods like rubbing alcohol, or dish soap to treat pest issues.

Myth#3 claims that use of broken crocks in the bottom of pots help drainage. Express plant hire uses a piece of card or a shard of terracotta to ensure effective drainage.If you would like to find out more about plant hire and plant hire services, contact Lease a Leaf today, we would be happy to assist you!

North Sydney plant hire – Beautiful Living walls

Living walls which are also popular as vertical gardens are beautiful internal or external walls which are made from plants, growing material, a supporting structure and an irrigation system which allows the plants to survive. North Sydney plant hire offered by Lease-a-Leaf specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of living green walls.

The main objective of beautiful living walls is often to create stunning design effects however there is much more to their presence. North Sydney plant hire saves the floor space by incorporating greenery into the vertical spaces. Not only do they promote and increase bio diversity, but also provide better insulation features and reduce the urban heat island effect.

Regular maintenance is needed for living walls which can be provided as part of North Sydney plant hire services. Regular maintenance will ensure long term success of your living green walls and the system which can support its growth.

Express Plant Hire – Low Maintenance plants

Express plant hire is generally recommended when you are planning to organize any seminar, business conference or, product launches. The whole idea of express plant hire is to enjoy the benefits and beauty of plants without worrying much about their care and maintenance. It can be an extremely daunting task to take care of indoor plants.

The low maintenance plants can enliven the space, provide clean air and tide you over until your next outdoor. Certain varieties of low maintenance plants offered as part of express plant hire can actually purify the air by removing harmful volatile organic compounds or, VOCs which can be found in any average office.

Different classic indoor plants which are recommended as part of express plant hire includes Spider plant, Snake Plant, Pothos, Peace Lily, etc. Air plants like Tillandsia offer excellent easy care options because they don’t even need soil. One of the trendiest indoor plant, they can be either grown in jars or, rock.

Sydney indoor plant hire – How succulents manage with minimal watering?

Every plant share a common need which is water, however there are certain types of houseplants which can manage well with minimal watering and they are known as succulents. For places where water is extremely scarce, succulents are the obvious favourites.

When one thinks about succulents, the first succulent that comes to mind is the cactus which is extremely popular for Sydney indoor plant hire. Succulents are best in water collection and conservation which is why they can thrive well with minimal watering. It also makes them the favourites as office plants. Many succulents have fabulous root systems which are specialised to store water for future use.

They also reduce the surface area to minimise water loss thereby ensuring the best way to conserve water. The shape of such plants varies based on their water content. Sydney indoor plant hire offers different types and varieties of cactus for residential and office decor.

Finding Desktop Plants To Have In Your Office

Desktop plants are among the most popular choices that you can have in your Sydney workplace. Such great plants will add a nice look to your office and can especially create a relaxing vibe.

When choosing such Sydney indoor plants, you will have to watch carefully. The office plants you can utilise are varied in terms of how they look but you must still be careful with your plant hire plans so you have something worth putting into your home.

Look For the Container

The container on your plant hire should be reviewed properly. The container should include a nice design with a solid body that is easy to display. It can come with a ceramic look and even a white body to match up with many items on your desk. You should see how well water can be added into the container with ease and that you’re not adding anything too difficult into a spot.

How Is It Made?

Desktop plants can come in a variety of forms. Look for options like beautiful fern plants or small palm plants. Anything with a good sense of detail to it is always welcome to have on your desk.

Where On Your Desk?

Naturally, it is best to add one of these desktop plants onto a spot on your desk where it won’t be hard to display. It should go on a corner spot where it will stand out and create a nice frame on your desk. It will also fit well at such a spot without being in the way of anything else in the spot.

Even with this, you should watch for how you’re going to add such a plant in your office. The problem with some plants is that they can be fragile and easy to tip over. Make sure the plant you add is sturdy and won’t slide off of your desk or be easy to push around in some way.

Check around with a plant hire service to see what types of office plants can fit well on your desktop. A great solution for getting such a plant ready can be easy to find and should not be too complicated or otherwise hard to manage in any way.

Order Buxus Hedge Plants For Your Decorative Needs

The buxus microphylla plant is one of the most distinct types of plants that you can display outside your office or home. It adds a quaint and peaceful look to a space. Buxus hedge plants can be ordered today through a plant hire provider and can be customised in one of many different ways. These can be placed in a variety of spots around your home or office area.

How It Is Designed

The buxus microphylla is a plant that is noted for its lush and attractive body. It is a bush that features a great shape with dense green leaves paired alongside an extensive series of small branches. These create a dense appearance on the bush to make it more visible and detailed.

Such a plant can be trimmed in one of many shapes. You can get it prepared in a cube or sphere shape. It could even be cut into a very specific shape depending on your preference. It is a very versatile type of plant.

The buxus hedge can also be paired with many other similar hedges. These maybe paired together and trimmed regularly to create a very long rectangular design.

Where Will You Place Your Plants?

You can get one of these massive hedge plants placed anywhere around your property. You can get one added to a walkway around your property. This creates a beautiful border with an inviting space. You might need to order several of these plants to create a better total look to your space though.

You can get one added around a garden space or around your lawn if you prefer. The options you have for adding something around your yard can be attractive and worth exploring. Still, you should at least look carefully to see that you’ve got soil in your area that can handle the plant without rejecting it. you must also have a good plan for how it’s going to look so you will have something that is not only appealing but also easy for you to maintain over time.

Look around to see how a great buxus hedge plant can fit in your garden space. You must look carefully to see that you can find a great option that fits in perfectly with your general needs. The great design of such a plant will make for something worthwhile.

Benefits of a Green Interior

Go Green Initiative in a workplace offers more than the aesthetic value addition. In fact, research reports have shown that a green Interior helps in reducing stress, motivates employees, results in exponential growth, increased productivity and improves the air quality which ensures better health for the employees. Plant Hire Services help in creating an environment which projects the business establishment as trustworthy, warm and welcoming, caring and healthier, thereby conveying a positive image in front of clients and employees.

While many business houses consider Plant Hire as a cost overload, the reality is that Interior plants lower O & M (Operations and Maintenance) cost and increase productivity by around 12%.

There are numerous benefits associated with a Green Interior. A few of them are listed below:

Improves Air Quality

A green Interior helps in cleaning the air and creating a healthier workplace environment by reduction of VOCs (Volatile organic compounds), Nitrogen and sulphur oxides etc.

Reduces Sick Building Syndrome

Higher concentration of toxic chemicals in sealed energy efficient buildings causes Sick Building syndrome. Plant Hire services helps in reducing cases of fatigue, headache, coughing and dry skin by providing a clean and fresh workplace.

Reduces distraction due to Office Noise

Studies have proved that a strategically placed plant reduces noise by 5 decibels. Sound absorption improves productivity as the employees don’t get distracted in office.

Attracts and Retains Employees

A beautiful decor and ambiance of the building motivates the employees, thereby retaining the best talent.

In short, Plant Hire Services creates a green interior which promotes the green building movement and makes your business greener, healthier and more productive.