Temporary Plant Hire

Any venue – whether constructed from concrete, wood or cement – can look bare and artificial without the right decorative embellishments. Many people prefer to opt for artificial props to bring the atmosphere to life. However, a venue must put people at ease and seem as natural as possible. Plants – green, natural and beautiful – fulfil this void completely and artistically.

Lease-A-Leaf has been providing its clients with temporary plant hire for several years. Our wide selection of plants can leave your competitors feeling green with envy. We top the variety of our plants with equally stylish planters and accessories to complement your ambience perfectly.

We provide temporary plant hire for any occasion such as:

  • Weddings: We include nature on your guest list on your very special day
  • Shows: We work in collaboration with Mother Nature to turn a staid setting into a gorgeous one
  • Conferences: Our natural plants will beautify the venue, even as you talk through your important conference.
  • Exhibitions: Our beautiful plants add finishing touches to your masterpieces on display
  • Parties: Our plants arrive well before your deadline to refresh and enliven the environment for your guests
  • Product Launches: On those exiting days when you introduce your new product to the world, our plants naturally welcome your achievement

So, give us a call on (02) 9486 3160 or contact us. We have the plants and planters to suit your needs. Our trained and experienced staff will complement and brighten your facility with our array of plants and planters. Lease a leaf today and watch your venue come to life, naturally.