Trough Planter

For the large amount of people seeking to cover longer expanses of space, trough planters just might be the perfect solution. Given their relatively small size and long dimensions, the trough planters serve many purposes. They cover your space with enlivenment through natural and beautiful plants. This brings a touch of class and colour to the space it occupies.

Types of trough planters we provide include:

  • Contemporary Cararo: Available in white, this planter will enrich any indoor or outdoor setting with its elegant and stylish look. These planters provide elegant interpretations of traditional trough planters.
  • Contemporary Trough: Available in black (in short and tall sizes), these trough planters are distinctively stunning. They are durable, require little maintenance and have a sleek, contemporary design.
  • Contemporary Window Box: Available in black, these enhance the visual appeal of your windows. They can be mounted under windows or even on wooden decks.
  • Metrolite Euro Trough: Available in a dark colour, this lightweight trough planter remains durable and easy to maintain. The unique appearance of this planter can enhance the décor of your space.
  • Metrolite Tall Square: Available in dark grey, transporting these trough planters pose no problems of their light weight. When space is a constraint, these tall squares can come to the rescue.
  • Metrolite Trough: Available in dark grey, these lightweight troughs are easy to install into your facility. Made of a mixture of fibreglass and terracotta, their natural and contemporary finish effortlessly enhances the look of your premises.
  • Partition Trough: These trough planters bring manifold plants into your space in just one trough. Use the partitions to contain three plants that naturally complement each other. The delight at seeing unity in diversity in these planter troughs can be hard to beat.
  • Slimline Trough: Available in white, these planters add elegance to your space, giving it a classic look. These plain-faced troughs can enhance the beauty of your space and give it a distinctive appeal.
  • Slimline Window Box: Available in white, these planters enhance the natural décor of your windows and make them visually appealing. Use these planters to make your windows the focal point of your indoor setting.