What is Express Plant Rental and How it is Disrupting the Landscape Industry?

Express Plant Rental is a California-based company that rents out plants and trees to landscape architects, contractors, and property owners. It was founded in 2011 by a husband and wife team with the goal of providing easy access to plants and trees for people who don’t want to own them or are unable to do so.

Express Plant Rental has been able to disrupt the landscape industry with its innovative business model, which is based on three key principles:

  • 1) The company provides customers with an easy way of renting plants instead of buying them.
  • 2) They offer unlimited free delivery services for customers who are within a certain radius from their warehouses in Southern California.
  • 3) Express Plant Rental also offers their customers the option of returning the plants after they have been used. This allows

Express Plant Rental is an online platform that provides customers with the equipment they need to complete their projects. This company offers a wide variety of products and services that allow customers to get the best possible results.

The company’s goal is to provide quality products and convenient service at affordable prices.

This company offers a wide range of flower types to meet the needs of every event. They have an online store where customers can order plants online or call them to place an order by phone. They also provide same-day delivery service which is perfect for last-minute orders or emergencies.

Express Plant Rental has been able to disrupt the landscape industry with its innovative approach and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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