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Benefits of diffused lights for office plants?

Diffused light is beneficial for small indoor plants (commonly hired) for various reasons. Diffused light is light that is scattered by particles; this is found in clouds, whitewash, and types of shade. Unfortunately, in an office environment, this can be impossible so office plants are not exposed to this quality light that can encourage effective growth.

 The reason that diffused light can encourage growth is due to its ability to distribute light evenly, rather than plants only being exposed to hotspots or covered by areas of shade. This distribution of light allows for deeper penetration into the plant and results in photosynthesis to activate in more areas of the plant. The outcome of this is an improved crop yield, higher leaf count, shorter crop time, and a lower crop temperature. Indoor plants that are hired are sometimes grown in greenhouses where diffused light is used to provide its customers with an elite office plant that is sure to impress whoever steps foot into the office. This is why hiring indoor plants is favorable for many as it ensures that the plant has been grown with care providing the quality that is necessary without the customer having to lift a finger.

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Easiest Indoor Plants to Maintain

ABC have listed their list of the 12 easiest plants to maintain, this list may prove useful for anybody looking into hire plants and indoor hire plant hire. These plants make for great desk or shelf pieces for an office to liven the mood and freshen up the air with little to no maintenance.

Zanzibar Gem

The zamioculcas zamiifolia is a dark-leaved gem that does well in bright light but not intense sunlight. What makes this plant easy to maintain is its thick and fleshy roots that are greatly capable of storing water.

Cast Iron Plant

Naturally, these plants grow in the shade of other plants so sunlight is not an absolute priority for them. Additionally, a factor that makes these plants easy to maintain and an ideal indoor hire plant is their ability to cope with a wide temperature range. Additionally, they have an underground stem that stores food and water further enabling their ability to withstand neglect.

Peace Lily

This resilient plant is an office plant favorite and for that reason a popular choice when it comes to indoor plant hire. It can withstand air conditioning, heating, low light, and neglect making it seem like more of a display piece than a plant.

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Sydney Indoor plants – Popular choices!

Bringing an office to life through a desk plant is highly recommended to increase productivity, mood, purify the air, and add color to a possibly dull office environment. Sydney Indoor Plants hire services – Lease a Leaf are here to provide offices with these benefits through a quality service that puts the customer first. There are many choices of Indoor plants available for your Sydney office and choosing a set can be difficult. Here are a few of the most popular office plant choices.

Devils Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

This plant is a climber that is low maintenance and capable of growing in low light making it a great plant for the office placed on top of a shelf. Some pruning will have to be done to avoid overgrowth.

Peace lily

One of the most popular Indoor plants for a Sydney office , this plant thrives in bright indoor light and is relatively easy to maintain, just water when dry and remove spent flower.

Lady Palm

Sydney indoor plants take it to the next level with the Lady Palm. They are large pot plants that require regular watering but make a statement in the corner of any office.

Sydney Indoor Plants to hire for your working at home office

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many workers have been forced to work at home. Adapting to a working from home environment can become difficult especially for workers who have never experienced it before. It may take you back to feelings of a university student, being vulnerable to distractions and procrastination. To avoid these distractions it is important to tidy up your working area and set up a working from home office. Once cleaning up the area you will notice areas of space that may feel empty, a great way to fill in this space is to adopt into plants to hire from a Sydney indoor plant hire service,

Researchers in Australia, the UK, and the Netherlands found in 2014 that office plants, whether they are acquired through a plants to hire service or not increase workplace satisfaction in employees, increases concentration quality and improves on office air quality. This research was conducted in three offices over several months. The good thing about working from home is that you have privacy and free will to choose however you want to style and use your office space. Just one or two plants to hire can significantly change your working attitude, increase comfort. Plants are able to have this effect on humans through triggering different responses in the human brain relating to urban environments that give a sense of being away and tranquility.

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Stress Free and Affordable Plant Hire in Sydney

Plants are living creatures that add a bit more life to what can be a drab office workspace. Many different variants of indoor plants for hire are available at Sydney’s ‘Lease a leaf’. Lush accents on a desk add beautiful greenery that is healthy for you and everyone around you both visually and physically as oxygen generation is boosted. The desktop plants ‘Lease a Leaf’ provides its customers is not just one plant but a collection of plants forming a cluster of small indoor plants for Sydney offices put in small pots. The plants vary in height (between 200 to 500mm), colors and shape, and of course, mixing and matching is possible. A choice of what pot you would like to accompany your plant is also provided, however, lease a leaf’s service for Indoor plants in Sydney for hire shines when you let us handle the stress of picking and choosing the design for office space flora.

Lease a Leaf offers expert help and advice for managers and business owners that don’t have the time to worry about the specifics of indoor plants but are just looking for plants that have the potential to bring life to the office.

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The Benefits of Indoor Plants in your home environment

If you live in a major city like Sydney or Melbourne, the likelihood exists that you might have entered several offices and commercial buildings. The most recently constructed buildings do not focus on providing functional properties only – as the older buildings did. They place a lot of importance on the aesthetics and décor of the interiors. For years, people have used paintings and other works of art to embellish their houses and offices. In recent times however, people have begun appreciating the wonders of nature. Therefore, you will find many houses and apartments in the major cities of Australia, filled with an assortment of indoor plants like hedge plants.

In fact, this trend probably began with commercial establishments. Researches have shown that having plants indoors can reduce noise levels and boost the efficiencies of workers. In addition, these plants can also enhance the wellbeing of workers, by their mere presence. Indoor plants purify the air in the interiors of a house or an office. They reduce various harmful indoor air pollutants like:

Xylene and,
Carbon dioxide

Indoor plants increase the humidity levels indoors. They also reduce the airborne microbes usually found inside homes and offices. As a result, many offices and homes in Sydney use a variety of indoor plants to beautify their interiors – in addition to making them healthier.

Hire outside planters – Beauty of Outdoor Planters

A garden filled with greenery and beautiful décor brings pleasure to homeowners and it can be greatly appreciated with the use of hire outside planters. By using a few colourful hire outside planters one can easily spice up the landscape. Container gardening is considered as an easy way to add style and character to your garden.

The most important thing to consider while making use of hire outside planters is to determine the amount of light or shade the planters will receive. One needs to match the right outside planters with the right plant to achieve best results. While making use of hire outside planters it is also advised to create a winning colour palette by grouping plants in a colourful mix of outside planters.

In order to save money with hire outside planters one can add filler to the bottom of the planters. Use of filler would mean less need for potting soil and also light weighted outside planters. However, one needs to ensure that they don’t block any drainage holes while placing the fillers.

Office Plants – Picking the Perfect Office Plant

An office will always seem incomplete without office plants. Since office plants play a crucial role in creating the brand image, improving productivity, energy savings and several health benefits, one must ensure that they pick the perfect office plant for their business.  In case you want to add a dash of colour and texture to the office interior, you must focus on African Violet, Croton, Orchid, Ferns, Aloe, Succulents, Spider plant amongst others. Similarly, in case the office space lacks lighting and you need office plants which can survive well under low light conditions then choose from Chinese evergreen, Jade, Golden Pothos, Dracaena, Snake plant etc.

There are offices where one needs sturdy plants that require minimal maintenance and care. Office plants including Dracaena, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Haworthia etc. are considered best when you are interested in low maintenance office plants. One can create dividers to demarcate office spaces by using office plants like Umbrella plant, Ming Aralia, Bamboo, Ferns, Peace Lily etc.

Lady Palm – Detoxify the Air

The broadleaf Lady Palm is an extremely popular plant species which looks beautiful in offices, hotels, living rooms etc. These are perfect for indoor growing and the Lady Palm has been extremely effective in detoxifying indoor air. Also, widely known as one of the easiest houseplants to grow in the world, the Lady Palm has been growing as a houseplant for over 500 years now.

The Lady palm grows as multiple shoots from the soil where each is topped with their own palm frond. The indoor growth rate is around 8-12 inches a year. However, once each frond ages, the Lady palm increases in size and gains additional leaves. The Lady Palm is hardy in nature and easily adapts to diverse climatic conditions.  They help in removing formaldehyde and ammonia from the atmosphere, thereby ensuring a healthy and fresh indoor environment. The Lady palm is a shade loving plant and needs partial shade for its growth.

Golden Cane Palm – Popular Drought Hardy Plant

The Golden Cane Palm is a beautiful palm with slender graceful yellowish stems which can grow up to 8m and the foliage nearly to the base. The plant usually prefers humidity with fresh air circulation. The Golden Cane Palm requires a uniformly moist soil and it must never me overwatered.

The Golden Cane Palm is known for its lush and bright green foliage which forms an attractive clump. For pruning, one can remove dead fronds and in lower light positions, the foliage may need to be thinned out to maintain the overall growth of the plant.

The Golden Cane Palm is known to be slow growing where it only adds about 12 inches to its height throughout the growing season. They can be grown in a row to form screens of privacy or, even grown indoors in a pot. The canopy width can reach 20 feet but even then the long narrow trunk will support the upper canopy of fronds.

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