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Palm Plants for Your Home or Office

Palm plants are a common sighting in many homes and offices, with big and bright leaves and relatively low maintenance requirements. Most palms such as the Lady Palm or Golden Cane palm grow best during the summer months, so now is a better time than ever to get some palms into your home or office. Palms are a very widely varied category and good Macquarie Park indoor plant hire companies should stock a large range, each with their own unique traits.

One of the most common palm plants and a favorite of many Macquarie Park indoor plant hire customers is the Lady Palm. Also known as the Rhapis Palm, this variety consists of several stems with broad leaves. These plants prefer indirect, moderately bright sunlight and do well in well-lit indoor rooms. They can be anywhere from 1 to 8 feet tall so are quite versatile with their placement. Caring for a Lady Palm is simple, keep the soil consistently moist to allow the best growth.

Another very popular palm plant is the Golden Cane Palm, which is instantly recognizable by its golden stems and gently curved fronds. It is a very versatile plant that is sought after for both indoor and outdoor settings. It prefers high sunlight growing conditions but can thrive in partially shaded areas indoors too. To care for the Golden cane palm, simply keep the soil evenly moist and mist the leaves occasionally.

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The Best Summer Plants for Indoor

Summer has arrived and with it comes the heat. This is a tough time for most plant hire as the more intense sunlight and temperature can damage foliage or even kill the plant. However, there are some plants for indoor that thrive in the heat and more direct sunlight. Many high light plants, in particular, are great for summer conditions as their needs can be met even without constant direct exposure.

There are a few plants for indoor which thrive in summer conditions, one of the best being the red aglaonema. This plant can survive in and high light and requires only occasional watering to maintain. Other great indoor summer plants include Oxalis, which is best in medium and low light, and the peace lily which blooms in summer. Another great option of summer plants for indoor and outdoor is cacti, which among other succulents are accustomed to dry and hot conditions.

Regardless of what plant hire you have during the summertime, it is essential to keep them watered regularly. In the summer heat, the soil will dry quicker than usual, so it is important to water outside of the hottest hours. This is even true with plants for indoor conditions when placed in direct sunlight. In most cases, Sydney Water recommends watering after 4 pm or before 10 am to avoid rapid evaporation in the hottest hours of the day. Water evaporating before it can nourish the plants

To learn more, and get your summer plant hire for this season, contact Lease-a-Leaf.

Benefits of Outdoor Plants Hire

A healthy blooming garden is always a great sight for a home, bringing a welcome touch of green to the landscape. However, establishing this garden, and keeping it healthy can be a time-consuming task, but one which is very rewarding. Outdoor plants hire companies specialize in bringing the best and most appealing plants to your home or commercial space, and keeping them healthy. Getting plant rental can be a perfect way to introduce gardening to children or an elderly relative without the heavy setup work.

For many people, gardening for outdoor plants hire is a fun activity that comes with many positives. Firstly, a well-maintained garden improves the look of a home that can impress friends and family or even boost rent and sale value. It’s not just about looks; the activity of gardening has some real health benefits too. These include increase vitamin D exposure, improved cardiovascular health, and controlling anxiety or depression. There are also some major benefits to older people, including retaining dexterity, keeping mentally active, and even lessening the impact of grief. These health benefits can even be gained from casual gardening, letting outdoor plants hire companies do the hard work for you.

There are a few tasks that will keep your plant rental healthy. Some easy and beneficial gardening activities to do with outdoor plants hire include watering, pruning, fertilizing, and weeding. These tasks don’t require much expertise and keep your garden looking fresh and beautiful. Some maintenance tasks may be trickier, like repotting plants, replacing dead plants, and major pruning jobs. Plant rental companies can assist with replacing plants or major maintenance work so you can get back to enjoying your garden.

To learn more about using outdoor plants hire to start gardening with your family, contact Lease-a-Leaf.

Choosing Office Plants to Enhance a Space

Home and office plants are a great way to add some visual variety to a room and can even improve the health and happiness of its occupants. Choosing the right plants for the right space can amplify these benefits. Different plants will require their own set of conditions to grow and thrive. Typically, services offering hire plants in Sydney recommend you select a plant that will thrive in your available space for the best results.

Office plants vary based on their required light level, with low light plants being able to survive with minimal natural sunlight and high light plants needing frequent exposure. For some spaces, it may not be possible to have high light plants such as rooms with few windows, windows facing to the north, or those where other structures obscure light. There is a range of species on offer as hire plants in Sydney, so one is sure to fit your lighting situation. Some popular office plants in each light category include:

  • Low Light – these are typically plants that occur naturally on the forest floor, where light is low.
    • Devil’s Ivy
    • Lady Palm
    • Peace Lily
  • Medium Light – very adaptable plants that are best near windows as office plants, but with indirect sun exposure.
    • Bamboo Palm
    • Umbrella Trees
  • High Light – these office plants require direct and frequent light to thrive.
    • Golden Cane palm
    • Ficus sabre
    • Many cacti

For any plant it is important to ensure they have adequate space, do not squeeze your office plants between furniture and other objects. You also need to make sure there is enough airflow and moisture on the plant. Avoid placing them near heaters or air conditioners as these tend to lower humidity, many tropical varieties cannot handle this and need to be regularly misted. Lease-a-Leaf offers a wide range of hire plants in Sydney; their team can assess a space to recommend the best plant for your needs. Contact us for more information.

Caring for Sydney Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have many benefits to people, and capitalizing on these through indoor plant hire can be a major improvement to your home or office. Having plants has been proven to have a positive impact on health and mood. The benefits of Sydney indoor plants include fighting mold, removing pollutants called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air, adding mentally refreshing fragrances, and dampening noise pollution. There are many options for Sydney indoor plants as the climate can support many species. Some have minimal maintenance requirements, but there are still some important considerations for all indoor plant hire to sustain quality plants:


Indoor plants should be watered when they are dry, not in a regular routine. Check the soil moisture by placing a finger about 5cm deep into the soil. Only water when the soil is dry or you risk drowning the plant. To water, pour directly onto soil (not the leaves) until water leaves the bottom of the pot, after some time, remove the excess water from the saucer or base.

Plants also like having moisture in the air, for Sydney indoor plants, keeping their leaves moist with a spray bottle is needed in the less humid times of the year, especially around August and September.


It is important to ensure that the plant is in the right position for its type. Most indoor plants do not like being exposed to direct sunlight and some low light plants need complete shade to thrive. The majority of indoor plant hire plants prefer partial shade with ample ambient light. The position of a plant may also need to be adjusted seasonally as the location of the sun changes.

When using indoor plant hire services, most of the major plant maintenance tasks such as pruning, repotting and replacement will not need to be done. However, small maintenance tasks will allow Sydney indoor plants to thrive. For more information, contact Lease-a-Leaf today!

Office Plants for Hay Fever Sufferers

With spring just around the corner, for many people, this means the return of hay fever. Allergic rhinitis (or hay fever) is an allergic response to pollen from plants causing itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, and a runny nose. For this reason, many people with hay fever avoid office plants, especially in spring when pollen is most potent. Plant rental is a good option for hay fever sufferers with many hypoallergenic alternatives available to retain the mental and physical health benefits of office plants without the associated symptoms. Some of the best non-allergenic plants include:

Lady Palm

  • A low light plant with stems resembling bamboo shoots and deep green leaves shaped like fans.
  • A great air purifier and incredibly resilient to both climate and pests, making them great office plants.

Golden Cane Palm

  • A medium-light flowering plant with yellow/green leaves that is a very effective natural air humidifier.


  • Another group of low light office plants which require minimal maintenance to keep healthy, they also are known to trap pollen and allergens within their leaves.

Peace Lily

  • A very easy to maintain and resilient low light plant which produces a nice white flower in the summer.
  • They should be kept away from pets and small children as chemicals on their leaves can cause stomach or respiratory irritation when large amounts are ingested.

Lease a Leaf is Sydney’s leading plant rental specialist, stocking many office plants ideal for hay fever sufferers such as the Lady Palm. Lease a Leaf will install and maintain your plants providing the highest quality care, enquire today to learn more!

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have been shown to have a large positive effect on both physical and mental health. Exposure to plants has been proven to increase the diversity of the human microbiota, the variety of bacteria and fungi in our bodies, which assists the body in fighting inflammation. Another benefit of indoor plants is that they can remove some harmful chemicals from the air, reducing the resulting illnesses. Indoor plants can also dampen reflecting sounds to mitigate annoyance and possible ear damage in the long term. These health benefits have led to the popularity of indoor plant hire.

In addition to their health benefits, low light indoor plants are great for office spaces with minimal sunlight and vastly improve the aesthetic of a room. This leads to greater worker engagement and has been proven to improve job satisfaction and reduce stress levels. Most low light indoor plants are very easily maintained, requiring only correct watering and some exposure to light. These plants should be watered until water leaves the drainage holes each time they become dry.

Lease-A-Leaf has a wide range of indoor plant hire options for your office across low, medium, and high light levels, find out more about our indoor plant hire today!

Is it Worthwhile Engaging the Services of a Company that Provides Temporary Plant Hire Services?

Business owners often have to consider myriad issues concerning their business. This includes looking after the clients, the staff, the product or service, the supply and distribution lines, customer service, marketing etc. As a result, it is unfair to expect them to have the time to keep the office interiors neat and well maintained as well. Cleaning staff can help keep the premises clean. Thus, they can look after the inanimate décor accessories in the office. Looking after plants however, is a very different ballgame.

In residential premises too, looking after plants is not everyone’s cup of tea. Plants often require specialised attention. Some plants do not require much water, while others do. By watering the former excessively and neglecting the latter, you could end up damaging your plants. Therefore, it is always beneficial to engage professionals when you want to hire plants in Sydney and other Australian cities. These professionals would be of immense help when you need:

  • Assistance in selecting the best kind of plants for your home interiors, based on the conditions indoors to their beneficial properties
  • To care for your plants and to keep them well maintained
  • To find plants that would blend in with your indoor home décor for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home interiors
  • Help in various aspects of looking after the plant i.e. changing the containers etc.
  • To utilise your time in other more meaningful activities than in something that you possess little or no knowledge of

How Can You Get the Optimal Value for Your Home Interiors from Indoor Plant Hire Services?

If you’re selecting green home décor accessories, avoid purchasing anything artificial. Instead, opt for the comforting allure of indoor plants. The process of growing plants consumes much lesser energy than manufacturing a product. Thus, by hiring indoor plants (or purchasing them), you would be reducing your carbon footprint significantly.

When you want to decorate your home interiors with indoor plants, you must:

  • Ensure that you replace your non-utilitarian home décor accessories with foliage plants
  • Place the plants in the appropriate areas, based on the lighting in the area i.e. some plants can thrive in dimly lit conditions, while other need bright light
  • Opt for plants that are easy to maintain
  • Learn how to care for your plants or hire a professional service to handle this for you
  • Use only organic cleaning and fertilising products on your plants, including planters made from recycled or renewable materials such as bamboo, earth etc.

Hedge plants – Best varieties of Intruder Hedges

Hedge plants are extremely popular because they are disease resistant, can be cut to shape and respond well to trimming and pruning. There are myriad varieties of hedge plants available; however it is important to choose the right species which suits your requirements. The hedge plants not only add aesthetic value but also provide protection from intruders.

Hedge plants with vicious thorns deter intruders from coming into your garden. Some of the most popular choices of intruder hedge plants include:

  • Hawthorn which is primarily used for farm hedging has very strong thorns and a network of strong branches.
  • Pyracantha is one of the most popular hedge plants which has dangerous thorns, is evergreen, and has profuse berries and pretty fragrant flowers.
  • Red leaf Berberis has bright red leaves, is deciduous and gets flame coloured in autumn.
  • Holly is an evergreen hedge plant which is characterized with its glossy spiky edged leaves and profuse berries.

FGor more details about various hedge plants, visit Lease a Leaf Today!

Chatswood Indoor Plant Hire – Why is Outsourcing better?

The benefits of Indoor plant hire are in abundance; however it is always advisable to outsource the installation and maintenance of Indoor plant hire to professionals. By doing this, you can concentrate on your work without compromising on the aesthetic and health benefits offered by Indoor plant hire. So, what makes hiring of indoor plants a better option than buying?

  • High flexibility: Depending on the interior and occasions, one can customize indoor plant hire. Also, you don’t need to change the planters when you plan a change in décor, because the plant hire company takes care of that.
  • Trained professionals take care of the daily maintenance of plants.
  • Plant hire companies are committed to provide fresh and healthy plants as part of indoor plant hire.
  • Compared to the overall investment and risk involved with buying, indoor plant hire is definitely a more economical option.
  • Advisory and consultancy services provided as part of indoor plant hire services is always helpful.