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Lady Palm – Beautiful and Sturdy Houseplant

Lady Palm is famous as the dwarf plant which is extremely sturdy and adds a powerful décor. The Lady Palm doesn’t have one trunk, rather there are a bunch of stems which resemble a bamboo plant. The dark green and pointy leaves of the Lady Palm are 15-30cm wide and offers a stylish appearance.

The Lady palm is also known to purify the indoor air and keeps humidity levels low thereby ensuring a pleasant environment. The Lady Palm originates from China and it grows well in regions with humid mountain forests.  It never grows beyond 3m in outdoors thereby making it one of the smallest houseplants. In dense thickets the Lady palm can grow about 7 feet tall in partly shaded spots with moist soil.

In order to achieve the best growth with Lady Palm, the suckers on the outskirts must be regularly removed. The rich texture of the lady palm allows it to be a great accent plant for indoors. The texture, wide range of varieties, different style and colour makes it a great accent plant for indoor Lady Palm. For more information about hpouse indoor plants, visit Lease a Leaf Today !

Indoor Plants Sydney – Plants for your Bathroom

The key to using Indoor plants Sydney effectively is through understanding the type of plant suited for the indoor environment. Choosing varieties which can thrive well in the bathroom would ensure that they grow well without any problem. Indoor plants Sydney are Zen inducing and make a great addition to any bathroom. They also purify the air and guarantee a fresher environment which is extremely important for any bathroom.

Most bamboo species have their origins from warm and moist tropical climate, grows quickly and requires minimal soil. This works well in case of a bathroom where Indoor plants Sydney can be grown in jars filled with small stones and water. Ivy and Pothos vines are perfect in any bathroom, around the sink or, around the bathtub.

Since ferns prefer humid air they can add a lush addition to a bathroom. After a hot shower, the conditions in a bathroom are almost similar to a tropical rainforest. Certain indoor plants Sydney like aloe vera have medicinal benefits and perfect for your bathroom.  For more information, Visit Lease a Leaf Today !

Hedge Plants – Space Management for Hedges

One of the most common questions with Hedge plants is how far apart should the hedge plants be spaced. The more space you leave between hedge plants, the longer it will take for the plants to join and form a hedge. Hedge plants which are planted closer will form a hedge quicker, however it also means planting more plants. So, it all boils down to a matter of time over budget.

The general guidance with respect to space management in case of hedge plants suggest planting three hedge plants per metre. The only exception made is for Buxus sempervirens which is usually planted 20cms apart. To make the hedges extra shock proof, one can plant the hedge plants in double rows. Most pot grown hedges are also planted 33cms apart, however exceptions being made for Dwarf box and large pot grown evergreen hedge plants.

By following the 3 plants per metre rule, one can achieve a thick hedge quickly. Also the closer the hedge plants are placed, less pruning will be required to get the plants to join together and form a beautiful hedge without gaps. For more information about Hedge Plants, visit Lease a Leaf website.

Indoor Plants Sydney – Various Different Categories

Indoor plants Sydney in any shape, size, design and colour would always offer an aesthetic beauty and associated health benefits. However, it is important to choose the right indoor plant depending on your requirement, available space, environmental conditions and budget. There are various different categories of Indoor plants Sydney which includes Common House plants, Flowering plants, Easy & Low light plants, Foliage plants, Cactus plants, Indoor palms, Hanging basket plants, Trailing plants, Bulbous plants, Unusual houseplants, Christmas plants, Office plants, succulent and fern type plants. There could be several more categories depending on the benefits they offer or, type of care and maintenance they demand. Since Indoor plants Sydney have choices in abundance, it may be tricky to choose the best indoor plants Sydney for your interior and decor. To help, there are professional plant design consultants who can make the best assessment of the available conditions and recommend the best Indoor plants Sydney for you.

Hire Outside Planters – Modern & Elegant Planters

Modern white outside planters look stylish and elegant with their beautiful design and wide range. Hire Outside Planters to spice up your landscape with a beautiful mix of colourful planters. Planters are certainly the simplest way to enhance the aesthetics of any space with their colour and a bit of interest.

Hire outside planters from professional companies who will offer a wide range of design, colour and styles to choose from. Depending on the purpose of the planters one can choose appropriate outside planters. In case one needs to soften the edge of a deck or, dress up a railing, large pots of evergreens and shrubs can be used as a privacy screen.

On a large deck or patio, hire outside planters to define separate areas. One can define the sitting and eating areas with an informal line of outside planters. One can also create a focal point with a beautiful large planter.

For more information, contact us at Lease a leaf today.

Buxus Microphylla – Evergreen shrub used for Hedging

There are several different varieties of Buxus to suit your planting preferences. They are perfect for evergreen hedging, topiary, borders and general garden planting. The Buxus Microphylla looks excellent with pots and containers. Most variants of Buxus can easily tolerate a wide range of soil and conditions.

The Buxus Microphylla is best grown in well drained loams in either full sun or, part shade. The plant has leathery foliage which changes to yellow-green or brownish during fall and winter. Used in landscape design as low hedge plants, foundation plants or, mass plantings.

It can grow 1-5 metres tall with the bole up to 15 cm in diameter. Although smaller in size, the wood is sometimes used for carving, engraving etc. The plant is mostly grown as an ornamental which can be also used as a hedge. They are known to grow slowly and very tolerant to pruning.

For more information, contact us at Lease a Leaf today.

Architectural Wedge Sydney – Raised Garden Bed Kits

Architectural wedge Sydney is the perfect garden bed to put on your deck. The wedge design allows for roots to go deeper into the soil without demanding too much space. Also, the architectural wedge Sydney design offers easy installation.

In cases where critters are a problem, one can augment the Architectural wedge Sydney with an extra barrier or mesh between your plants and pesky animals. One can also choose plastic garden beds since they are weather resistant, durable and easily affordable.

One can also design custom planters which can be either stand-alone or, in-situ. Depending on the type of plants, the watering method used, use of topping, use of fertilizers etc., one can design appropriate Architectural wedge Sydney designed planters. Many recommend the use of inserts or water tables which have an inspection hole to know the water level. Plant troughs not only look great but their simple yet inexpensive design can transform an interior effortlessly.

For more information, contact Lease a Leaf today.

Plant Rental: Why Indoor Potted Plants Are Better Than Cut Flowers For Your Office?

Freshly cut flowers can make a huge impact inside an office space, especially when carefully laid on office tables and guests waiting lounge. However, buying fresh flowers for your office can be expensive. Another alternative to improve the overall ambiance of any office space is the use of indoor potted plants. If still undecided, perhaps you will benefit from reading the following reasons shared by the plant rental representative on why indoor potted plants are better than cut flowers.

Reason #1 – Indoor potted plants have a longer life expectancy

According to the plant rental representative, any type of indoor potted plant can last longer than a bunch of fresh blooms. Why? We know for a fact that freshly cut flowers will eventually dry and shrivel after a few days while indoor potted plants will continue to grow and beautify your office environment with proper care.

Reason #2 – Indoor potted plants offer countless benefits

If you will weigh the benefits of freshly cut flowers and indoor potted plants, the indoor potted plants can offer more benefits. Aside from aesthetic purpose, plants in general, can provide health benefits to any office. First, plants can purify the quality of air inside an office. When workers and guests have the privilege to breathe in quality air, it has an immediate effect on one’s respiratory health.

Second, indoor plants can help create a relaxing office environment, thereby reducing the stress levels of workers. Apart from that, indoor potted plants also come in varieties just like freshly cut blooms. You can choose indoor potted plants that can produce flowers. Or, opt for indoor potted plants that can be cultivated to varying shapes, which in a way can improve the overall appearance of an office space.

Reason #3 – Indoor potted plants can be rented

If your office budget will not allow you to buy fresh flowers all the time, you can avail the services of a plant rental company in order to save money. How? Instead of buying regularly freshly cut flowers at a florist shop, better rent at a reputable plant rental company like the Lease-A-Leaf for indoor potted office plants.

Reason #4 – Indoor potted plants can increase worker’s productivity

The other awesome benefit of indoor potted plants is it can really affect a person’s working attitude while at the office. How? Aside from making the office space feel more inviting to work, the physical appearance of indoor plant can brighten up a worker’s mood and inspire him or her to concentrate and work efficiently.

Why entrust your office indoor potted plants from a plant rental company?

A plant rental company possesses the professional expertise, right manpower and adequate supply of plant varieties that will keep any business or company aesthetically appealing and refreshing. If you want to ensure your money isn’t wasted on the care and maintenance of indoor plants, entrust this challenging job to a plant rental company like Lease-A-Leaf. You will have peace of mind that your rented indoor plants are regularly checked by one of their plant technicians and replaced when the need arises.

Are you now convinced to rent potted indoor plants for your newly renovated Sydney office? If you can’t decide on the type of potted plants ideal for an office space with air-conditioning and heating system ask the assistance of a plant rental representative at Lease-A-Leaf, a leading Sydney indoor plants provider. You may visit their official website and be inspired by their clients’ gallery.



What Makes Plant Rentals Really Worth the Money? Top 3 Benefits

Renting plants is one of the most economical and beneficial ways you can use to accentuate the natural beauty of your office or home. Plant rental requires minimum investment and maintenance costs, and you have a wide variety of Sydney Indoor Plants to choose from. Also, you can swap for other plant rentals anytime you like.

So, naturally, this is a very good way of getting the right home or office decor going. Now, let us tell you some other major benefits you can get from plant rentals.

3 Awesome Benefits of Plant Rentals for Your Office

1.     You Get Inexpensive Decor

Plants are the easiest way to get a great decor going in your home or office. Whether you have a single cabin rent office or a large glass building, renting plants like Buxus Microphylla and Golden Cane Palm is a great option because it makes space management so much easier. For homeowners, having lush green plants in their home can be a sign of prestige as well as complement to more naturalistic decor styles and tones.

 2.     You Manage Empty Spaces Easily

Empty spaces can really put a dampener on even the most energetic indoor decors. Indeed, it is considered a sign of bad design to leave blank spaces in your interior decor. One of the best ways to fill up these design gaps is to simply use plants. This not only offers a versatile range of options but also allows you to experiment with what works for you. You will find a lot of Sydney indoor plants playing blank space stop-gap in houses and offices.

3.     You Can Change Your Decor Seasonally

Most interior decor is a one-and-done deal, which means once you have that wood panelling installed and the walls painted, your office or home look is going to stay largely the same. Your furniture too is likely to stay the same for years.

This can lead to dullness in your living or working space. Getting plant rentals to work for you is a great way to find a dynamic way to decorate your home or office space. You can even change them seasonally to stay in vogue with the times.

 Where Can You Get the Best Sydney Indoor Plant Rentals?

 Lease a leaf has the best plant rentals in Sydney for all your decor needs. Whether you need a neatly trimmed buxus hedge or golden cane palm, we can give you exactly what you want. Contact us now!


5 Reasons to Get Indoor Plants for Your Home or Office

Plants are the most widespread form of life on this planet and also the basis on which all complex life forms are dependent. There are some great benefits from having office plants in your workplace as well.  As humans, we have evolved with plants and yet, we have somehow become separate from them ever since we learned to build brick and concrete walls.

This is where Indoor plants in Sydney can help you fill this gap and reconnect with nature. Some of the most wonderful interior design is based around not just patterns found on plants, but actual plants themselves. Let’s look at a few of the benefits they can offer you:

 Top Benefits of Having Indoor Plants in Sydney


1.     All Natural

The beauty and elegance of nature is effortless, and it can make your residential or commercial space elegant too. Strategically using plants to enhance your interior spaces and populate empty spots is a good idea. It also allows for a great deal of vibrancy or contrast depending upon the specific plants you choose. At the very least, indoor plants in Sydney will help create breaks in the non-organic monotone of your interior spaces.

 2.     Efficient Space Management

Filling out space in your office such that each section looks complete is a difficult task. This is so because you can only have so much furniture without either over stacking the interior or pushing your budget farther than you would like. With office plants, the problem of space allocation and management in terms of design and function gets minimized. This works the same for both businesses as well as homes.

 3.     Seasonal Shifts

Not all office plants which are used indoors are going to be of the green leafy variety. Right from banzai trees to the most brightly coloured seasonal flowers, a variety of Sydney indoor plants may be used depending upon the preferences of the owner or other factors. This means that there would be shifts in the overall ambience and decor of the interior from season to season. Further, the presence of plants helps to regulate the air quality in a better way. This makes for better breathability in all kinds of indoor spaces including offices and homes.


Where Can You Find the Best Indoor Plants for Hire in Sydney?

Investing in plants for your home or office is a good idea. But it is better to get some plant hire before you actually purchase them just to try them out. With Lease a Leaf, you can get all the most popular indoor plant rentals you need at the right price. Visit our Lease a Leaf now to find the right ones for you!